DIY Wall Art: Options Endless

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With some great diy wall art ideas, you can pep up and invigorate your room in a large way by using just a fragment of the money you would spend to buy elite wall-décors. Whether you want your space to turn up formal, funky, contemporary or classical, there are infinite options as to what you can do yourself.

Any number of quick, affordable and easy-to-administer diy projects could be of great help to you to create attractive and inviting spaces. An artwork doesn’t have to always be on a canvas. Utilizing commonplace and old things you can make an otherwise boring and blank wall boom with charisma. Here are few ideas.

Marvel With Magazines

Old magazines with their richness in hues, diverse range of visual content plus their convenient availability make wonderful wall art materials like none other. Their pictures can be made into an interesting collage. Pictures can be chosen according to individual taste and personality. For example, nature, food, favorite brands, etc.

Also, when magazine pages are rolled across a diagonal axis, we get thin long cylindrical rolls. Numerous such rolls can be assembled in varying designs and patterns, say a sunburst design or any other abstract designs. They can be cut to varying lengths for an improved effect. These rolls can also be used for making photo frames.

Fun With Photos

Nothing like the age old practice of hanging family photographs on the wall. You will always find visitors hooked up to happy and candid shots on display in your house. There are attractive substitutes to hanging a single hard-framed photo. Why not use household items such as curtain-hangers, pant-hangers, cloth-pins, clipboards, ropes, etc for the purpose? This way the size and arrangements are always left discretionary. When using curtain-hangers and ropes, if the snaps are hung at varying lengths it would make a finer visual statement.

For those who prefer photo-frames, make it interesting by turning unexpected things like a rustic, unused window or jewel boxes or old cds into frames. Also, a large collage of your photographs on the wall, however commonplace the method seems to be, never fails to create a dramatic yet personal vibe.

Captivating Clusters

A simple yet dramatic idea would be to cluster corks of wine bottles. Just arranging them in rows of varying lengths will look fabulous, owing to the vintage appearance of those brown corks.

If you don’t find corks, the same work on caps of mineral water bottles can be enchanting too. May be, you will want to paint some patterns on them for a more interesting look.

Clamping differently colored rolls of yarn, framing and placing them on the wall would also create an enchanting interior. This simple idea can be applied to numerous things. These were just to name a few.

Simplicity at Its Best

Do you have a fabric/cloth with pattern or designs you find pretty?

Just framing and hanging it on the wall may take you for a surprise. This simple idea creates such a grand and graceful vibe. Fabrics can also be substituted by scrapbook papers, hand-made papers and sample wallpapers. Keeping in mind the modesty of these wall arts, antique and elegant frames would donate more charm and elegance.

A patchwork of fabrics in the place of a single fabric also does a great job. Alternative to framing would be to just wrap the piece neatly around a canvas.

An Illuminant Illusion

If your place is going to witness a night party then a diy wall art comprising string lights and canvas can do wonders. All that you have to do is create beautiful art on the canvas, drill few tiny holes on the artwork and place the tiny serial lamps on the holes.

Also simple garlands of photos, Christmas balls or decorative ornaments hung on the wall with these lights affixed to them yield magical effects at nights. A flicker setting simply means more magic!

Flower patterns made using doilies, when complemented with these lights do a great job too.

Coffee Stirrers and Filters

Just like magazine rolls, coffee stirrers can be just as useful when it comes to diy wall arts. Dip-dye them and let your imagination do the rest. It could be a pretty flower pattern or a bold sunburst or anything for that matter.

Down to the Basics

Basic geometric shapes in rich colors when used to adorn the wall can make a room bold and beautiful. Take one side of brown paper bags, draw horizontal lines with equal spacing, fill up each row with different basic shapes and patterns such as spirals, inverted triangles, etc using acrylic colors, crush the sheet(half bag) for a rugged finish and your décor is ready!

Otherwise make recurrent geometric patterns or potato prints on a canvas and let it go on the wall!

Yet another option is to cut out a large number of a particular shape, probably circle, spray-paint them and glue them onto a canvas for a dazzling wall art.

With some time in your hands and a little bit of creativity you can do marvels with your wall!